April 5, 2021

Member Spotlight – Wakefield BioChar

Member Spotlight – Wakefield BioChar Founded in 2014 by the late Dr. Thomas R. Marrero and his twin sons, Tom and Tony, Wakefield are pioneers of the circular economy via their specialized production of a clean, sustainable carbon called biochar. As a chemical engineering professor at the University of Missouri, Dr. Marrero devoted much of...
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Insurance is a Racket!

Insurance is a Racket! By Gil Baumgarten, Segment Wealth Management, LLC I know that’s a bit harsh, but the odds of most claims are low, and costs are generally high relative to that risk. I’m also a former life-licensed agent from decades ago, so I’m pretty familiar with the math.  Being in the investment business, most...
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Client Spotlight – The Latin American Art Fund

Client Spotlight – The Latin American Art Fund Paul Hollingworth, a veteran British Investment Banker and financial analyst, is bristling with energy about a new US$50million Latin American Art fund. “I am combining my two passions, art and investment”. Hollingworth has assembled a blue-chip board of directors with a combined 75 years of asset and...
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