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Member Spotlight: Tansect

Tansect is a leisure-based Travel Tech company that focus on the development of technology that is currently not available on the market. Tansect then pairs that technology with actual travel related operations, to enhance both the technology revenue and generate travel related sales and commissions.  The company was founded by 20+ year Supply Chain and Travel professional Michael Heisman.

Tansect is a SW Florida (Naples/Fort Myers) based startup with its current growth strategy focused on the development of both traditional and exclusive travel options that exceed client’s expectations, and unique Travel Tech that can revolutionize the way that 100,000+ Home Based Travel Agents manage their businesses and generate solutions for their clients.  The company is designed around Post COVID solutions, and with leisure travel returning/exceeding pre COVID levels this is a prime time for Tansect.

In June, Tansect is scheduled to introduce the first module of its TOaRS (Tansect Operations and Reservations System) functionality, which will be the Home Based Travel Agent Platform.  This tool will allow Agents (that traditionally only utilize tools like Excel/Word) to elevate and manage their entire business through relevant dashboards, real time analytics (provided through Microsoft integrated tool), revenue tracking tools and allow them to provide their clients with Web/App based interactive itineraries.  The interactive itineraries not only eliminate the need to carry multiple printouts/emails (hotels, cars, flights) but allows the user (their clients, Tansect passengers, etc.) to build a full vacation within the tool by adding their preferred restaurants, attractions, and shops.  Literally you can have your entire trip, along with all relevant information, listed chronologically in an app or website.  This service is designed to be provided as both an Enterprise solution (the host agencies) and as a recurring monthly subscription model for the individual Agents.  The Tansect Agents will also be clients.

In addition to the amazing technology, Tansect intends to provide FBO to FBO flights between Naples, FL (APF) to two Chicago suburb FBOs.  These flights allow Tansect passengers to bypass TSA, bypass the congestion of ORD and MDW, arrive 20 minutes before their flight (avoid the drive from Naples to Fort Myers) and be in a car 10 minutes after landing.  This program will be offered under the US DOT Part 380 charter program (Tansect will not be an airline) and is expected to operate on 30 seat regional jets 1-3x weekly.  The flights are expected to offer a higher level of service… as they are catered for both the higher income Naples residents with business in Chicago and the 14,000+ parties that live in the Chicago suburbs and have a second home registered in SW Florida.  Tickets are expected to cost the same as a pre-COVID first class ticket from Fort Myers to O’Hare or Midway.

Tansect has also been working with SW Florida International Airport and intends to provide the only nonstop flights from SW Florida to Mexico and the Caribbean. The company intends to also provide seasonal flights from Green Bay, WI to Fort Myers to accommodate the 1000+ parties with second homes in the market. These flights are expected to be operated on 150-200 seat 737s or A320/321s and initially operate 1-2x weekly.  As with Naples, these will also operate under the US DOT Part 380 charter program (Tansect will not be an airline). 

Tansect has recently been accepted to the Naples Accelerator, and intends to maintain its primary office in SW Florida.   The company is scheduled to launch the first of its Travel Tech in June but is also seeking 1-10 (maximum of 10) investors to invest in a Convertible Note totaling $1 Million.  This Note is designed to provide promotion funds for it to grow the tech business and implement the previously mentioned projects, but also pave the way for 3-5 Reg D 506c offerings that are expected to generate approximately $40M over the next 5 years.   The Note, offers:

  • 50% discount,
  • 2 year term
  • Board Seats (if wanted)
  •  and allows Investors to dictate any triggers

Complete details about the offering can be found at the company’s website or by emailing Michael Heisman

Tansect has designed its Investor Portal and program for its Investors to be as engaged, or disengaged, as they prefer.  If you love Naples/Fort Myers, like innovative and fun companies with exponential growth potential, or you are an aviation fan and would love to be part of an operation like this from the “ground up” this could be the perfect investment for you. 

Tansect is excited to be affiliated with FON.

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