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Client Spotlight – Cerebri AI

Before Covid-19, brands were focused on personalization, but coming out of the pandemic, the key to winning the $500 billion market for customer experience solutions is to provide personalization to your customers in real-time. That means not just providing an offer as the customer is on your website or in your store, but doing it using their most up-to-the-second data. Think about it this way: you would never buy stock in a company without checking the most recent share price and latest news. So why do brands score their customers and make offers using weeks-old data? The brands of the future will not do that any longer, and Cerebri AI’s CVX platform makes real-time personalization a reality.

Cerebri AI’s CVX platform has been used over the last five years to help the world’s best known brands in automotive retail, wireless, banking and insurance sell more products and services, reduce churn, automate lending approvals, and forecast demand. With 7 granted patents and 17 more pending, CVX uses state of the art data engineering and Artificial Intelligence technologies built by a world-class team of data, software, and AI experts in Austin, Toronto, and Washington DC.

Cerebri AI will help brands to excel in the new digital age by:

-Integrating data from all sources, whether transaction systems, marketing systems, or social media, to get the true story and therefore deliver the best results

-Only making incremental calculations as data changes, thereby reducing costs and allowing brands to score millions of customers efficiently

-Providing up to the second scores and offers to achieve true personalization

-Recommending the right offer in the right channel at the right time to maximize conversion, using its industry-leading AI technology.

Cerebri AI’s investors include management and leading family offices, as well as early investment from Microsoft. They are seeking introductions to new equity investors desiring strong returns over the next several years as it grows its go-to-market efforts. They are also looking for new customer and technology or sales partner relationships. If you wish to find out more about Cerebri AI, contact: Arun Prakash, CFO, [email protected]

For more information, visit their website

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