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Client Spotlight: Panther Group

Cannabis Investment Landscape
2021 will be a major turning point for the cannabis industry. For political, economical and social reasons cannabis is ripe for continued massive growth, presenting unique arbitrage opportunities (7 Reasons Why
Now is the Time to Invest in Cannabis
). The cannabis wave began on the west coast in 2012 and has now swept through the midwest and east coast. Given states decimated budgets, cannabis legalization is the most viable solution to generate meaningful tax revenue.

About The Panther Group
The Panther Group (“Panther”) helps growth stage cannabis companies create and monetize enterprise value through its unique combination of capital, advisory services and digital marketing / lead gen solutions.

Panther’s competitive advantage is its “Panther Ecosystem” consisting of a) 35+ leading companies, b) hundreds (and growing) of strategic relationships and c) access to proprietary industry knowledge an solutions. The Panther Ecosystem, the culmination of 7 years of investing, operating, and networking, is a major reason Panther is highly sought after as a capital partner. Panther is ideally positioned to monetize short and long term revenue streams across a variety of business lines, including capital/investment, advisory services (strategic, financial, capital, transactional / M&A). and growth solutions (digital marketing/lead gen).

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For more information please reach out to [email protected] or (678) 520-0160.

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