Family Office Networks Launches FON Marketplace as Innovative New Technology Platform

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Family Office Networks Launches FON Marketplace as Innovative New Technology Platform

Palm Beach, FL – (July 30, 2020) – Family Office Networks announced today the launch of FON Marketplace as an innovative online technology platform for family offices to access private deals and connect with other family offices and issuers to co-invest, research luxury goods and services, share philanthropic ideas, and more. Anyone seeking to connect with family offices and high net worth private investors can use FON Marketplace to easily identify the best prospects for their business.

Registered users are able to filter transactions by key parameters such as liquid net worth, annual income, gender/age, location, preferred investment allocation, philanthropic donations, and luxury purchases. FON Marketplace is open to Family Office Networks’ community including: 15,000+ single and multi-family offices with $50-500M net worth, plus 60,000+ UHNW investors; hedge funds, private equity, venture capital, real estate, blockchain, RIAs, private and public companies; legal, accounting/tax, cost segregation, fund administration; yachts, private aviation, luxury cars, art, jewelry, butler services/household staff and luxury experiences.

“We’ve combined FON’s proprietary technology with our expansive network of family offices to streamline the process of investing in a private placement. Unfortunately, that has remained an antiquated system in spite of today’s new technology. Our platform is particularly valuable during today’s coronavirus health crisis as more people are conducting business online. We’re truly the wave of the future as the largest platform of private placements consisting of hedge funds, venture capital funds, private equity, direct deals, PIPES, and anything that falls under the definition of a private placement. A common family office complaint is lack of access to good deal flow, alternative investments, and other services families traditionally seek. Many family offices have accounts at the biggest banks which may be too big to take advantage of the best private deals,” said Andrew Schneider, Founder and CEO of Family Office Networks.

“My biotech company has been trying to raise money from family offices, but they been difficult to reach. FON Marketplace allowed us to test its new platform to get our company in front of key family office decision makers and the technology worked well as potential investors conducted due diligence.  By listing our business with FON Marketplace, we were able to get our company directly in front of the right target audience at a reasonable cost,” said Alfred Slanetz, President & CEO of Geneius Biotechnology, Inc.

“I’ve been in the market for a new luxury car, but the quarantine has made it challenging. FON Marketplace has a strong focus on luxury with a specific section for each type of luxury experience, including automobiles, so it was tremendously helpful, said Kevin Schneider, a California-based private investor.

In addition to the launch of FON Marketplace, Family Office Networks’ Family Office Investment Clubs take the concept of idea sharing a giant step forward by providing an easier way to share ideas, experiences, education and information in a confidential setting. FON’s Family Office Investment Clubs offer families with a typical minimum net worth of $50 million the opportunity to join clubs that reflect their areas of interest, including regional groups such as the Palm Beach Investment Club and newly launched specialty clubs for Women, Art and more. As an example, the Palm Beach Investment Club enjoys a strong membership base of 20-25 family offices representing families from around the country whose wealth is derived from a variety of industries, businesses and legacies. The Club meets or speaks weekly or monthly, depending who is available at various times throughout the year.

Family Office Networks is unique in that it has the strongest distribution network of family offices seeking to allocate which is a proven competitive advantage and these new Investment Clubs bring investors together with the intent of getting deals funded and closed in a more efficient manner. Typical deals range from $20-$100 million and span various industries. Some families elect to co-invest in private placement deals outside of the club and that trend seems to be on the upswing. Since family offices are able to do due diligence more efficiently and act more quickly than institutional investors, the lead time to get deals done is typically shorter, which members and issuers appreciate. The cost and time in conducting due diligence in pro-rated between families which is a tremendous advantage.

The process of joining an investment club begins with online registration which is open to qualified and fully vetted family offices who meet our strict qualifications. There are no dues or membership fees. Once approved, Investment Club members are part of a tight knit group of their peers and benefit from regular meetings, specialized publications, thought leadership, proprietary deal access, exclusive events, valuable discounts, and more.

In addition to the new clubs for Palm Beach, Women and Art, the line-up of Investment Clubs includes: Biotech, Boston, Canada, Cannabis, Financial Services, Harvard, Houston, Ivy League, Luxury, New York City, Real Estate, Silicon Valley, Technology and Texas. Additional Clubs will be added throughout the year and interested families are encouraged to suggest new ideas. Issuers are also invited to inquire about participating in Family Office Networks’ new Investment Clubs since families continually seek exposure to new offerings.

If you are trying to access the family office space and have an opportunity that is a good fit for our community, please visit and contact Andrew Schneider at [email protected]

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Family Office Networks is the premier global community for families to share information and intelligence. The team works with a select group of top tier investment managers and sponsors who offer substantial families’ access to stellar investment opportunities in areas such as real estate, venture capital, private equity, and hedge funds. In addition, Family Office Networks shares timely thought leadership on topics related to portfolio management, philanthropy, multi-generational wealth management, compliance and regulation, risk management, insurance, training and education. The website is the hub of Family Office Networks with 200,000 users, including 10,000 family offices, and is a go-to resource for news related to family offices.

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