Family Offices Boost Support for World Sky Race®

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Family Offices Boost Support for World Sky Race®

Family Offices are racing to support The World Air League® (WAL) as it organizes the World Sky Race® (Race) as the historic first race of airships to circle the planet set to begin on the London Greenwich Prime Meridian September 2023 and finish in Paris at the Palace of Versailles May 2024. The World Sky Race will be the largest sporting and entertainment event seen and experienced by the largest live audience in the entire history of the human race.

“Family Offices are invited to become involved by adding their experience, resources, and impact investment to the race, which will take the competing airships over more than two billion people. The WAL network will connect family offices with influential and strategic partners around the world and most importantly, it will be a grand epic adventure and fun!” said Don Hartsell, Commissioner and Managing Director.

The Race route will take the airships over more than 130 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the most iconic monuments to humanity’s cultural achievements. As A Race for the Planet, the race is currently funded with a $1,000,000 Catalyst Prize to be an incubator of sustainable advanced lighter-than-air (LTA) aviation technologies. The Race will modernize LTA flight, which until now has used technology dating from the 1920s and 1930s. Right out of the box, the Race will demonstrate a new kind of flight with greater fuel efficiency, less pollution, and less destruction to the environment. 

The World Sky Race is A Race for Humanity. The Race is being organized for inclusion in daily classroom programing around the globe for an entire school year, September to May. The 59,000,000 teachers in the world will be able to download the interactive materials, to start each day’s class with the fun question, “Where are the airships today?” Lessons will cover geography, history, culture, science, environment.  Each day, selected classrooms on the Race route will inter-actively present on the internet. On that day, these classrooms’ students will do more than lead a classroom discussion; they will be global leaders, with several million other students following while they describe who they are and where they are in the world, sharing their laughter and smiles. The World Sky Race will be a transformational experience and educational bond shared by the entire next generation of the world for the remainder of their lives.     

For information, contact Don Hartsell, Commissioner and Managing Director, [email protected] and visit

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