Home Care Assistance’s Holistic Home Care Services are Changing the Way the World Ages

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Home Care Assistance’s Holistic Home Care Services are Changing the Way the World Ages

Home Care Assistance is America’s largest premium home care provider.

Dedicated to improving the wellbeing, safety, and long-term care of seniors who prefer to age in place, Home Care Assistance has been the premier partner of choice for families seeking personalized, dignified care for their aging loved ones. HCA was established in 2003 by PhD clinical psychologists and a Certified Geriatric Care Manager. Home Care Assistance prioritizes the wellbeing of their clients, delivers peace of mind to their families, and instills pride of purpose in their care teams, so that they can focus on your client’s day, their way, at home.

Home Care Assistance offers a full-service program exclusively designed for older adults who expect an elevated experience at home.

The company’s highly-trained, dedicated care providers are matched with each client to cater not only to a range of traditional care needs, but also their interests and passions. With the client in charge as the most important member of the Home Care Assistance team, they work together to create a customized care plan that fits who the client is, what they like to do, and the things they need for safety and wellness. This lifetime solution provides support to the client in the place they love the most, keeps the client in control, and provides the high-end service they expect to be delivered.

Home Care Assistance’s dedicated team of caregivers go far beyond traditional home care services and providers. The company’s caregivers are trained in providing care that promotes longevity and wellbeing. All of their care providers are trained in Home Care Assistance’s proprietary Balanced Care Method™, which promotes cognitive stimulation, proper nutrition, physical activity, social engagement, a sense of calmness and purpose, and more. This method is based on the lifestyles of the longest-living people in the world, and is the foundation of the care Home Care Assistance provides. Here is what a client’s family member had to say about their mother’s care with the company:

“My mother was interviewed as to her interests and abilities based off of Home Care Assistance’s Balanced Care Method. HCA created a care program especially designed for her. She enjoys the stimulating puzzles and word games in addition to the music and physical exercises that her caregivers do with her!”

By providing care based on the Balanced Care Method, Home Care Assistance’s caregivers extend and enhance the lives of seniors, helping them live longer, happier, more balanced lives.

If your client’s needs change, Home Care Assistance will change with them.

Having increasing needs no longer means having to leave one’s home and independence behind. Home Care Assistance’s caregivers are trained in Alzheimer’s and dementia care, and their services range from hourly to 24/7 care. Similar to community living, the company’s varying levels of service easily allow them to adjust the complexity of activities and hours of care to fit exactly what their clients need, when they need it.

Partner with Home Care Assistance to support your clients’ wellbeing.

It is in these challenging times, where seniors are more vulnerable than ever before, that all professionals serving seniors would benefit from the expertise and specialization of Home Care Assistance. To keep clients safe, engaged and enriched, as well as in the place they love the most, this company is a trusted and popular solution. For more information about Home Care Assistance services, please visit HomeCareAssistance.com or call Anastsia Hurtado, Regional Director at HCA, at 425-429-1954.

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