How Millionaires Will Ride Out the Next Portland or Sarajevo

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How Millionaires Will Ride Out the Next Portland or Sarajevo

Just one year ago, had you been told that downtowns around the US would be in flames, pandemic shutdowns would be occurring globally, and international borders would be shut for the foreseeable future, you would have thought that person crazy. Today, we know better.

But today, many people find themselves working to throw together survival plans such as buying a remote residence and hoping to have enough supplies should they need to leave highly populated areas for a period of time, or stocking up supplies in their residences and purchasing more guns and more training.

Not that these are bad. But if trends continue, and experts say they most likely will, those steps won’t be enough.

In the middle of North America, developers of a resilient resort community may have developed the answer.

Imagine with me, luxury homes that a tornado could roll over without leaving a scratch. Resort amenities behind layers of security. More than 1,000 acres of natural beauty surrounding your home for enjoyment, and anonymity. Resort facilities inside and out. Two years of supplies already in place, with the infrastructure to produce as much as is needed. Complete energy independence. A complex network of tunnels connecting every building to allow security and protection, from the elements, disasters and outside threats. And quick access from anywhere in the US so international borders do not stop your survival plans.

Imagine all this is a reality, because it is.

The Retreat is the brainchild of four entrepreneurs who have decades of experience in development, security training and pandemic preparedness. It is located in the Ozark Mountains, with its specific location a closely held secret.

“The last thing our residents need is people knowing where they are sheltering … and thriving,” says Mark Sutherland with The Retreat. “Our value starts with an anonymous location and well-stocked community, and then increases with every amenity or level of preparedness that exists above that.”

With basic residences for 10 people and 5 years of maintenance starting at $7.5 million this is for a select group of individuals. And with custom packages available that increase square footage, add amenities and add people to their residences, some residents could be investing $20+ million.

“From the outside, it looks like a nice resort with a golf course and other activities,” says Sutherland. “But beneath the surface is a small town designed to survive nuclear exchanges, societal collapse and the next pandemic. It drives me crazy when news reports are splashing the locations of all these survival communities all over the internet, such as Vivos XPoint in South Dakota or Vivos Europa One in Rothenstein Germany. Now, everyone knows who has food in the region and where to go to steal it. Our residents rely on secrecy as part of our protection offer.”

Each home and each building feature a fallout shelter and the entire complex is designed to support 500 residents long term, plus the staff needed to maintain and run everything needed. It is also equipped with medical facilities and staff, facilities to produce fuel, power and clean water, and a working farm and greenhouses.

“Having those community resources and leveraging scale in the design are key to long-term viability,” says Sutherland. “You can go it alone and have your secure and remote home for you and your immediate family. But when those nearby run out of what they need to survive, and you still have food and supplies, you need to be fully equipped with personnel and training to stop that external threat from taking what you need from you, and leaving you to a slow death of starvation. The best defense in that scenario is a secure facility, trained people, and lots of those trained people.”

Alongside the essential survival infrastructure sits the elements of luxury that are expected. Pools, gym and workout facilities, movie theatres, bars, social gathering spots, hot tubs, tennis courts, a full golf course with driving range and more. And a helipad.

It’s also not underground. “When we need to be underground, we will be,” says Sutherland. “However, extended stays underground cause mental health issues and the ability to have more than 1,000 acres of pristine wilderness to enjoy is essential to the long-term survivability of any community.” That’s why Sutherland and the other developers designed the community to blend with, and to be a part of, nature. Not just hide beneath it. “These nuclear silo apartments or underground bunkers out there are fine but they are not thinking long term in regards to mental health. Two weeks underground is manageable. But two years? That’s not somewhere I would want to be.”

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