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Member Spotlight: Sound Affects

Sound Affects is a new cancer-fighting movement that capitalizes on influencers of our popular culture to help raise funds and awareness for promising cancer-fighting innovations.

Sound Affects is a 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to supporting entrepreneurial biotech initiatives where promising concepts have been advanced to treat cancer, but where lack of critical funding hampers efforts to move potential solutions forward. Our model uses a crowdfunding platform that enables biotech innovators to access a non-dilutive raise through charitable donations of crowdfunding supporters, empowering the interested public to directly and transparently support cancer solutions they find personally and intellectually appealing. With its innovative approach and platform, Sound Affects is transforming how we think and finance promising entrepreneurial approaches that bring an array of partners together to fight cancer for the benefit of all.

Sound Affects Model Helps Innovators While Increasing Odds of Success for the Public

A major challenge facing any crowdfunding platform is that of “cultivating the crowd that cares.” This is particularly challenging for Sound Affects because the public is largely unfamiliar with the role of biotech in advancing cancer cures to market. Sound Affects intends to improve public understanding by using outreach mechanisms highlighting the necessity and potential of biotech innovation for winning the war on cancer. Sharing messages across popular culture platforms, makes this a common concern, versus one for scientists or pharma alone.

Sound Affects utilizes music as its principal medium to reach audiences that seek better outcomes for those suffering from cancer. Cross culturally, music has always been an effective expression of cultural norms, values and desires. Therefore, those who create music have great potential to positively influence beliefs and cultural change. Sound Affects strategically partners with emerging musical artists to help us shift the conversation around the war on cancer, giving people the opportunity to actively participate in the innovation process, rather than rely on others for the arrival of “cures.”

For more information, contact Mona S. Jhaveri: [email protected] , Phone: 202-251-2672

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