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Pattern Computer uses proprietary pattern discovery techniques to perform high-dimensional data analytics in any field with significant data complexity. The result is the delivery of breakthrough insights with demonstrable value, or what we call ‘patterndiscoveries’.

Transcending current limits of machine learning, Pattern Computer discovers previously hidden patterns in multi-dimensional data. Pattern Computer can discover higher-order correlations – going beyond pairwise / order two relationships and assessing correlations to the nth degree – without human supervision, greatly expanding the scope and depth of correlative findings.While applied first in the field of medical research, this technology can be used in virtually any industry, to uncover novel insights and transform research and business.

We are a passionate team with decades of experience in mathematics, machine learning, AI, systems architecture and visualization including a tech lead from Amazon’s “Alexa” v. 1.0 team, the co-founder of AutoDesk, an IBM Fellow and strong backgrounds in academia.

At an invite-only Department of Energy Symposium in late 2019, Pattern Computer was introduced as ‘the most advanced machine-learning company on the planet’ by Dr. James Ben Brown, Deputy Director of Environmental Genomics and Systems Biology, Lawrence Berkeley National Labs.

In March 2020, the company completed in vitro organoid testing at Lawrence Berkeley National Labs with two positive results in drug therapies that kill cancer cells but not healthy cells. Pattern is currently engaged with several labs to begin the animal testing process.


The key differences between “pattern recognition” and “pattern discovery,” why they matter, and a comparison between current AI/ML practices and our Pattern Discovery Engine™

What puts Pattern Computer ahead of other global companies such as Ayasdi, IBM (Watson), Palantir and more, including size of runs and complexity of data and solutions. 

Which industries can benefit from our system, and major discoveries this new system has made to date, in bio, aerospace manufacturing, flight operations, new materials, animal medicine. New tools in visualization, both for customer communications and internal research.

How Family Offices and Angels can become involved in an opportunity in the future of making important new discoveries any field, unlocking business advantage and life-saving solutions.

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