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Trevian Capital: CRE Bridge Lending Strategy

Trevian Capital successfully held its first close of Trevian Capital Debt Fund, LP (the “Fund”), an open-ended fund whose investment thesis is the same as the one that Trevian has honed over the past eight years.  Trevian Capital, founded in 2013 by Michael Hoffenberg, is an established middle-market real estate finance company that provides short-term, first-mortgage bridge loans secured by multifamily and commercial real estate nationwide.  With a focus on the $1mm-$50mm middle-market segment, Trevian has originated and serviced approximately $550,000,000 in high-yield, senior-secured bridge loans across 67 transactions in 18 states.  Trevian has yielded positive returns every month since its inception.

Trevian’s newly launched open-ended Fund focuses on providing investors with current income from non-correlated and low volatility investments, strong risk-adjusted returns, and cushion against unforeseen market events, with target net returns of 10% to investors, distributed monthly. Trevian anticipates holding a second close in June 2021.

While the commercial real estate bridge lending market has seen a number of new entrants over the past few years, Trevian’s key differentiators are i) its established brand and strong reputation in the industry, ii) its national footprint relative to its regionally fragmented competitors, iii) its vast nationwide network of mortgage bankers, brokers, and financial advisors assembled over 15+ years, and iv) the longstanding personal and professional relationships between the members of the company’s executive team, which serve to provide a firm foundation for the company.

Trevian’s differentiator of particular importance is the nationwide network it has accumulated during the course of the executive team members’ combined 45 years of industry experience, which today yields an average of 50 inbound bridge loan opportunities per week.  Such robust deal volume positions Trevian to be able to select the most compelling opportunities with the highest risk-adjusted yields, pursuing only a small fraction of deals seen.  In addition, Trevian has cemented its reputation in the industry as a reliable bridge lender that can navigate nuanced situations, operate efficiently, and provide a good experience to brokers and their borrowers alike.

If you have any questions and/or are interested in Trevian Capital please join Michael Hoffenberg for a webinar on April 7th, or feel free to reach out directly at (212) 376-5636 or [email protected].

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