Update From Magnus Diagnostics Laboratories, Inc.

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Update From Magnus Diagnostics Laboratories, Inc.

The future has arrived. Covid-19 has accelerated the arrival of a new workflow normal. The importance of embracing this new environment is critical for all industries, particularly in diagnostic laboratory services, during and after this pandemic.

“Providing excellence in laboratory testing to well-served and underserved communities alike”.

With a target go-live date slated for April 2021 in Chevy Chase Maryland for the new 4,700 square foot core laboratory testing facility.

Magnus Diagnostics Laboratories, Inc. is a full-service independent clinical reference laboratory.  Able to collect, test, analyze, and report multiple sample types for review across a wide spectrum of industries both within the continental US and Internationally. Services include but are not limited to: routine primary care testing, research and development for novel methodologies, and high complexity molecular quantitation testing for neurology, oncology, hematology and immunology.

Magnus Diagnostics Laboratories, Inc was formed to bring reliable state-of-the-art, hyper-responsive testing solutions to the healthcare industry. We possess testing capabilities most often found in large scale laboratories and hold a Certificate of Compliance from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), as well as a State of Maryland Laboratory License. With the overarching goal of improving public health outcomes, we combine the latest in blockchain and medical AI versatility and security.

Magnus Diagnostics Laboratories, Inc. also conducts specialized testing for rare diseases, disorders and Neuro-degenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia. We also provide opioid epidemic related drugs of abuse testing in urine toxicology and therapeutic drugs level monitoring for clinics and doctors. We can conduct testing to support treatments for human biological specimens as well as veterinarian treatments by researchers to develop cures for a wide range of cancers and other chronic terminal illnesses.

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